Have you thought about rewarding yourself this year? How about a new job?
✅ Are you into engines?
✅ Do you work on a farm? Or repair shop?
✅ Do you repair machines?
✅ Are you interested in cutting-edge technologies?
If you've nodded to at least one question, you're our person. If not, it doesn't matter, we'll train you everything you need.
Are you an AG dealer focusing on daily needs of farmers? We offer an interesting portfolio expansion, including a decent margin.
Who are we?
--> Industry global leader
--> Sustainable and strongly growing
--> Business door opener
--> Covering over 20 states
--> Providing ready-to-use solution
--> Over 130,000 units experienced
--> Lifetime SW warranty
--> 30 days money-back
--> References worldwide
..and much more!
And maybe you know someone who would fit into our team? Let us know!
Feel free to contact us to learn more!
Web: https://www.agroecopower.com/contacts/
Phone: +1 563-343-0305
Email: info%z%agroecopower.com