AgroEcoPower USA is proud to annouce a new partnership with P&C Ag Solutions from Michigan. 

P&C Ag Solutions`s mission is to sell and service technology focused products and services to Ag producers that make their business and life easier, more profitable, productive, and more enjoyable.

P&C Ag Solutions is ready to deliver software tuning modifications to the Agricultural industry in Michigan. This relationship is in response to the growing demand of farmers needing to maximize the value of their time and money in an uncertain market.

P&C Ag Solutions, located at 9839 Saginaw St (Reese, MI) is excited to bring the installation of AgroEcopower to the farming industry in Michigan. “We have experienced the power and fuel savings first hand on our equipment.” Said CEO Mike Houghtaling. “ it is a compliment to in-field service we currently provide to our customers, and can benefit big and small farmers statewide.”

Contact information:

Office: 989 868 4444

Service: 989 303 8480