Xperience Ag was founded in 2013 by Travis Kohrman with the sole purpose of providing exceptional service on precision GPS technologies and products.  We pride ourselves in offering and providing knowledgeable expertise on a variety of product lines. 

Our team strives to meet the challenges your individual operations faces each and every day with customized and tailored solutions. Continued training and education on several product lines ensures up to date knowledge and accurate quick troubleshooting if problems to occur. 

In addition to Travis, Dustin Kohrman joined in August of 2017 and Steven Hart just joined the team in August of 2019. In 2020, we added Jill Hart to handle all of our Financial and Marketing transactions. We operate throughout Indiana and are dealers to more than 5 different vendors.

We are here to educate and encourage growth in your organization with use of technology. Let us put our XPERIENCE  to work for you!