1. These are the terms and conditions which apply to JUNE CHALLENGE 2021promotion ('Promotion').

2. In this document, 'we', ' us', 'our' all mean AGROECOPOWER LLC with registered address: 321 East 73rd Street, (3rd Floor), New York, NY 10021.

3. To enter, follow the instructions published online via our Facebook / Instagram accounts during relevant challenge week (www.facebook.com/agroecopowerusa / www.instagram.com/aep_us)

4. Promotional period 31/05/2021 – 27/06/2021. No maximum number of entries is applied and there is no charge to enter a Promotion.

5. Promotional mechanism consists of various challenges defined by individual weekly posts

#1 challenge = “How many knives we are holding”?

#2 challenge = “Show off! Post the picture of your tractor”?

#3 challenge = “What brand you think we tune the most frequently”?

#4 challenge = “If the # of followers exceed XXX, we will give you 1 free tune extra!”

6. Details for #1 challenge

a.Related week = 31/05-06/06

b. The task of the participant of the challenge will be to guess the number of knives that we hold in hand in the posted photo.

c. Winners will be selected at random from the answers closest to the correct answer.

7. Details for #2 challenge

a.Related week = 07/06-13/06

b. The task will be to attach to our post an answer/comment with a photo of own tractor or another agricultural vehicle.

c. Winners will be selected at random from all answers.

8. Details for #3 challenge

a. Related week = 14/06-20/06

b. The task will be to guess which brand of agricultural machinery is most often modified by Agroecopower.

c. Winners will be selected at random from all correct answers.

9. Details for #4 challenge

a. Related week = 21/06-27/06 (may be prolonged till the end of the month, if relevant)

b. The task will be to reach a certain total number of followers.

c. The target number will be determined according to the current number of followers as of 20/06.

d. The target will be set at a reasonable level so that it can be achieved and does not pose an undue challenge to the followers.

e. Winners will be selected at random from all followers actively added their follow status during this challenge.

10. General conditions valid for all challenges

a. The answer to be posted via comment below relevant post.

b. Each challenge will include an invitation to follow our website with the opportunity to find out the result, which we will always announce at the end of the week.

c. Winners will be selected using transparent and safe method (f.e. https://commentpicker.com/ or any other random choice generator)

d. If none of the answers is correct or the number of correct answers is sufficient, the winners will be selected from the answers closest to the correct answer.

11. Rewards overview - valid separately for each week of the call:

1x free ECM tuning

1x 50% discount (valid for 1 unit)

1x 30% discount (valid for 1 unit)

7x merchandising product

12. Promotion will be open to individuals who are US residents and aged 18 or over.

13. In this event, all our partners, contractors or associated companies are included as well as their immediate family members or households (whether related or not), and anyone else professionally involved with us and this Promotion.

14. Promotional discount is non-transferable by any matter, non-refundable and no cash or check alternative is available. Promotional discount cannot be used in conjunction with other offers, promotions or deals.

15. All third-party terms and conditions apply to Promotion where applicable. For example, all commissions will be paid at the net price which means after deduction of the discount. Sales included in the monthly plans will be calculated in the same way.

16. We reserve the right to withdraw or amend this Promotion if we consider it necessary or appropriate to do so for reasons beyond our reasonable control.