AgroEcoPower Announces Strategic Partnership with Bottom Line Solutions to Facilitate Market
Morton, IL.(October 12, 2018)- AgroEcoPower is pleased to announce a strategic partnership with
Bottom Line Solutions to deliver software tuning modifications to the Agricultural industry in Illinois. This
new relationship is in response to the growing demand of farmers needing to maximize the value of their
time and money in an uncertain market.
Bottom Line Solutions, located at 25356 Cooper Rd (Morton, IL) is excited to bring the installation of
AgroEcopower to the farmers of Illinois. “We have experienced the power and fuel savings first hand on
our Tractors.” Said CEO Scott Burroughs. “ it is a compliment to in-field service we currently provide to
our customers, and can benefit farmers statewide.”
“ Farmers are getting more power and fuel savings. The software improves performance without harming
the equipment, and can be uploaded in under an hour in the field.” Said Lukas Pavel, President of U.S.
operations. “ Our new strategic partner will install AgroEcoPower to keep up with consumer demand
during harvest and beyond. We are excited to work with an organization that is customer focused to
deliver the benefits of our product while helping us grow.”
Bottom Line Solutions will provide service installation of AgroEcopower tuning throughout Illinois for:

Tractors, Combine Harvesters, Sprayers, and Semi Trucks. For more information please visit-

Bottom Line Solutions


About AgroEcoPower (
AgroEcoPower is a global leader in diesel engine software tuning modification. Operating in over 9
countries worldwide since 1998, They began providing service to the U.S. market in 2014. Based in
Bettendorf Iowa, their technical service team installs onsite software tuning modifications to Tractors,
Combine Harvesters, Sprayers, and Semi Trucks. This provides more mid-range torque,increases
horsepower and saves fuel.