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The Agroecopower team is equipped with certified ATX T2 test stations which represent the latest phase of development of ATX-dyno professional products. It is designed as a single unit and is placed on a trailer with which we can get anywhere.

The T2 has a list of advantages, benefiting from compact dimensions and weight and 3 sets of integrated cardans, which can be used for the most common types of PTO shafts with the option of exchanging individual cardan halves to adapt to any tractor or machine equipped with PTO.

Its main benefits are powerful retarders (braking power up to 700 kW) and improved forced air circulation combined with direct transmission of the cardan using its own construction design, which shifts the torque up to 5.500 N.

Fast and fully automated operation is now standard as is the ability to provide the customer with instant, accurate results in an electronic version.